Industrial and commercial area Elsterwerda

The starting point for success on the market

Elsterwerda is a business and also a shopping town and school centre in the south of Brandenburg, Germany, and offers a lot of enterprises. It is only a stone’s throw from the Saxon metropolis of Dresden and less than 60 minutes from Berlin by train. Situated in a scenic landscape, the town can look back on a long tradition of industry.

The industrial and commercial area of Elsterwerda-Ost is directly connected to the Bundesstraße (A-road) B 169. More than 40 medium-sized enterprises have already settled here. Catching company names such as the dairy producer “campina” GmbH (Ltd.), the dairy machine manufacturer Impulsa AG + ITEC GmbH, and “GIZEH packing” now characterise the district. They also stand for a decisive asset distinguishing Elsterwerda from other commercial areas.

There are three reasons why companies of food processing industry profit from their establishment here:

  • The prices of water are favourable, an above-average specialised workforce is always available and the municipality guarantees that the period of time between initial talks about building applications and the laying of the foundation stone will be fewer than 90 days.
  • The successful commercial and business incubator GGZ provides the opportunity of a promotion of young entrepreneurs’ business establishments.
  • Elsterwerda can be proud of its geographical position amidst the city triangle Berlin-Leipzig-Dresden and the fast accessibility of the markets in Poland, the Baltic States, and the Czech Republic.

Advantages of the location at a glance:

  • Commencement of construction and business is immediately possible, since the process for a planning permission is shortened to the maximum.
  • Three large, economically developed commercial areas many companies have already made use of are available.
  • A modern high-capacity water cleaning plant is directly situated in the commercial area.
  • Subsidies of up to 50 % of investment costs for selected industrial sectors are granted.
  • A commercial and business incubator provides synergies and promotion of young entrepreneurs’ business Establishments.
Industrial area 3 different commercial areas with proper utilization
Development electricity, natural gas, water, sewage, road access, railway connection, telecommunication
Possible start of construction immediately
Planning law legally binding development plan completed within 90 days
Property ownership 95% Elsterwerda, 5% private
Resident sectors food processing industry, service providers, commercial and logistics chains, construction sector, recycling, and packing
Motorways A 13: Berlin-Dresden, approx. 30 km (≈ 20 miles)
A 14: Leipzig-Magdeburg, approx. 60 km (≈ 35 miles)
Crossing A-roads B 101: Berlin-Aue
B 169: Chemnitz-Stollberg
Nearest airport Dresden, approx. 55 km (≈ 35 miles)
Regional airports Großenhain, approx. 20 km (≈ 12 miles)
Riesa, approx. 30 km (≈ 20 miles)
Railway connection industrial railway connection with container crane system
Nearest freight transhipment facility with railway connection Elsterwerda railway station, approx.1.5 km (≈ 1 mile) from the commercial area
Nearest river port Elbhafen (Elbe port) Riesa, approx. 30 km (≈ 20 miles)
Important distances Wrocław (Breslau), approx. 300 km (≈ 185 miles)
Berlin, central borough, approx. 165 km (≈ 100 miles)
Frankfurt/Oder, approx. 160 km (≈ 100 miles)
Potsdam, approx. 150 km (≈ 95 miles)
Leipzig, approx. 120 km (≈ 75 miles)
Cottbus, approx. 80 km (≈ 50 miles)
Dresden, approx. 60 km (≈ 40 miles)
BASF Schwarzheide, approx. 25 km (≈ 15 miles)
Population 9,700 inhabitants
Nearest universities and colleges Berlin, Potsdam, Leipzig, Cottbus, Dresden, Senftenberg
Theatres and concerts Cottbus, Dresden, Senftenberg
Hospitals Elsterwerda, Herzberg/Elster
Residential districts three developed residential construction areas, possible purchase from 4.00 euro/m² (≈ £3,00/yd²)
Energy costs negotiable according to consumption, i.e. bulk consumers receive special conditions
Already settled major companies campina GmbH (dairy, cheese, pudding, and dessert manufacturer)
Impulsa Melkanlagenherstellung AG + ITEC GmbH (milking plant manufacture plc + ITEC Ltd.)
business incubator GGZ
Support for commercial economy in eastern states aid rates of up to 50 % for small and medium-sized enterprises
Trade tax rate 330%
Free area available approx. 10 ha (≈ 24 acres)
Area taken approx. 70 ha (≈ 170 acres)


Elsterwerda Town Administration, Regional Economic Development Company,

Stadtverwaltung Elsterwerda
Mr. Ansgar Große and Dieter Hennig
Hauptstraße 12
04910 Elsterwerda, Germany

Phone: +49 3533 65351
Fax:       +49 3533 65109